About me?

If I haven’t met you yet, (even though you know me as Wet Nose), then “Hi. I’m Michelle!”

I’m so thankful you made your way to my corner of the interwebs.

I’m an animal lover, nature explorer and coffee addict, with a side kick called Mr Ralph.

I enjoy warm golden sunrises with skies that seem to go on and on, road trips with rolling mountains and running water springs,  sunsets with swirls of colours and shades of pinks and purples, anything with four paws, a wet nose and a wagging tail, and a good snuggle on the couch in a comfy hoody, with a memory bank of dog days.

I have poured all of my energy and heart into learning as much as I can about photography since 2002, and as my experience grew during my college years, I realised how much I am naturally drawn to photographing animals. They’re unpredictable models, but oh my! How incredibly emotive. Sometimes portrait sessions with them go as if by magic.

They are the true stars of the show that have carried me to where I am today.

I hit that pivotal point that came to a lot of us during lockdown – the sink or swim moment. I suddenly realised that I valued my health and happiness and potential enough to get more creative.

It is always my pleasure and such a mutual compliment when we choose to work with each other and I look forward to that.