Who are we?

Think dog. Our entire brand is about truthful, unapologetic communication expressed through our media and products, and however close you come to us, we hope you’ll see that our heart-led passion is anything with four legs and a Wet Nose . Think REAL people promoting REAL ideas, helping you to be seen and heard, celebrating your wins and finding that you are more like your tribe than you realise. Whether you're moved by an experience, considering something important to you, or you just want to share what’s happening, we can help you to walk the talk and wear that tshirt.

Our Wet Nose Models

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Pawsitive Words

What We Do

We create with heart. Our attention and devotion remain centred with what we do best; we don’t divide our time with other fields of photography and design. We limit ourselves to minimum sessions to give each Wet Nose the full amount of time and energy they deserve. Photography and design, for us, must come from the heart, and is not only an extension of our eyes. There are plenty of good enough products out there but ‘good enough’ doesn’t appeal to Wet Nose. We're a movement that wants to make our world a kinder and more sustainable place. When you buy from Wet Nose you’re supporting real life breathing advocates, and all of their passions and endeavours. You’re buying bespoke, handmade, ethical, earth positive and Irish, and you can feel great knowing those values guide everything we do. We work with an amazing tribe of beautiful beings who show kindness, love and support for one another.

What We Love.

In memory of Holly. August 20th 2008  -  August 20th 2018. The inspiration. The original Wet Nose and heart dog for ten years. Although her velvety ears are no longer within reach and we cannot hear her breathing. Even though life and nature limits us from showing it, love never ends. Do you know that millions of adoptable animals are sadly and unnecessarily euthanised each year? The Wet Nose studio was born in 2012 after three years of photographing dogs in the pound, offering them a chance to have a professional photograph taken at intake to help them to find their happily ever after. "As a photographer, I have often been torn between private commissions and volunteering time to help animals and I believe that if we collaborate to help animals, we can all win. More times than I care to remember I have heard that pound and shelter animals are somehow damaged but this could not be further from the truth". Let’s start having conversations that matter. Feel free to come over to learn more about www.thewetnosestudio.com – where rescued is our favourite breed.
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What do you get?

Here at Wet Nose we love our little planet and our wildlife, and we aim to minimise our environmental impact by using earth positive cotton, papers, products and inks, where possible. The art work that we'll make for you is a conscious choice forward. We want our images to be a reflection of our love for our animals, you know? We are committed to highlighting and partnering with locally sourced products and people, and creating intentionally designed products or apparel that will spread kindness around the world.

Bark at Us

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Roundwood Photography Studio, Unit3, Reservoir House, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow.
E-mail: michelle@wetnose.ie Phone: 085 861 4294