Wet Nose also aims to create customised, one of a kind products which are Irish made, where possible, and there’s a few things that make me very happy indeed about these wonderful, tangible, giftable, artful home décor pieces.

Together with my Mum, who, with a background in textiles, is working from memory and imagination, we’re crafting these really gorgeous pieces for you all, so they’re hand cut and sewn here in Dublin.

The thing is, being based in the natural surroundings of the country side would really make you think hard about a few things and it’s important for Wet Nose to find ways that we can contribute positively to our little planet, where it’s possible. We’re doing this with the help of a print and textile family on the Wild Atlantic way, who print on natural materials with eco-friendly ink pigments.

Here’s how it works. We offer a full photographic session at our pet friendly studio in Roundwood and a selection of photographs, we design your personalised message with your favourite image and colours (or create some art for you), then we craft your unique design.

This costs you €120 and the bonus is a road trip up our very small beautiful mountain in Wicklow. We’d love to collaborate – bark at us!

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